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Advanced Article Archive: Infrastructure and Logistical Entities - Europe
Terror Analysis: Special Report - On the Way To Paint the World Green?


Being a Global Jihad analyst or a scholar covering Islamic radicalism is not an easy task. The Biggest problem one encounters as soon as he begins his search is thelack of order and as a consequence, the absence of a profound profile of Global Jihad entities and activists. Global Jihad characteristics such as cross-border activities, multinational activists, multiple entities involved and the difficulties to disregard intelligence "noises" within the framework of technological developments and globalization processes contribute a lot to these difficulties and make this task even harder and sometimes impossible.

The purpose of this paper is to establish some order and clarify the framework of the Global Jihad activity. It will focus on the development of the ideology of Global Jihad, providing a long and thorough historical briefing of the stormy decade of the Afghan war period and the developments which followed it and shaped the performance of the different entities of Global Jihad in the coming years. The paper will also differentiate the operational entities which operate and carry out terror attacks in the name of the Islamic radical ideology. Eventually, this paper will provide some kind of an interim balance of Global Jihad performance since 9/11 and will also take a look to the future.


We at CeifiT believe that only after understanding the full picture with its necessary boundaries and framework can one, be it an academic researcher or a counter terrorism agent, start digging into the research of the different dimensions, entities, activities and activists of the Global Jihad. 

Click Here for the Complete Paper - On the Way To Paint the World Green?


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