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Advanced Article Archive: Infrastructure and Logistical Entities - Europe
Terror Analysis: Global Jihad Entities Cooperation - Where it all Began

In light of Hafez Saeed's arrest and the possibile cooperation between Al-Qaeda and Lashkar–E–Toyba (LET) in the Mumbai attacks, this special report will go back to the roots of global terrorism cooperations.

Terror Analysis: Special Report - On the Way To Paint the World Green?

A CeifiT special report about the interim balance and current status of Al-Qaeda and the different Global Jihad elements and entities still operating, seven years after the September 11th attacks.

Terror Analysis: Members of Recruiting Network Convicted in France

Seven men accused of being part of the "19th quarter network", a Paris-based group which funneled young fighters to Iraq through Syria, have been sentenced for up to seven years in prison.

Terror Analysis: Abu-Dahdah and Al-Qaeda's DAWA Apparatus

New charges have been filed against Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas AKA Abu-Dahdah, the convicted leader of an Al-Qaeda cell in Spain, as well as two accomplices allegedly involved in terror financing.

Terror Analysis: Muslim Convert Arrested in UK - Part of a Phenomenon?

British authorities raided a house in Bristol Thursday night and arrested Andrew Ibrahim, a British Muslim convert, suspected of planning a terror attack. Is he part of a bigger global terror phenomenon?


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