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Advanced Article Archive: Infrastructure and Logistical Entities - Asia
Terror Analysis: Salim Ahmad Hamdan's Role in Al-Qaeda


The United States Supreme Court's decision to release Salim Ahmad Hamdan after 5 years in the American prison in Guantanamo raised the American public's awareness to the various legal issues surrounding the Global war on terrorism. It is not part of our website to deal with legal issues and regard to the different approaches and thoughts raised throughout this legal debate. But regarding the case itself- the organizational status and position of Hamdan - it seems that Hamdan was employed by Al-Qaeda as a driver and maybe a mechanic.

From different Q&As Hamdan’s attorneys submitted to senior Al-Qaeda prisoners Khaled Sheikh Mohamed  and Walid Bin Attash it seems that Hamdan was among a group of drivers and machanics employed by Al-Qaeda who provided different transportation and maintenance services to the organization’s members and families.

Examining the internal infrastructure of Al-Qaeda, one will find out that Hamdan was probably a member of Al-Qaeda's vehicle workshop within the internal services section of the administrative and finance committee of the organization. The head of this committee was for many years (probably since 1997-1998 until 2007) Mustafa Abu Yazid better known as Sheikh Sa’id. This committee was responsible for the different aspects of the administrative and financial functioning of the organization.

Within this framework, the committee took care of accommodations, educations, health, basic goods, real estate and transportation issues for the well being of the organization’s members and families. Vehicles and transportation issues were managed through the organizational vehicle workshop and strict regulations were imposed on its members (Drivers and machanics) regarding the routine performance and maintenance of the organization’s fleet.

Salim Hamdan was probably a member of this unit (the vehicle workshop) which according to our knowledge held no operational responsibilities whatsoever.

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