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Advanced Article Archive: Infrastructure and Logistical Entities - Asia
Special Report: Al-Qaeda - On the Brink of a New Wave of Attacks?

Recent reports suggest Al-Qaeda's Special Operations unit has been able to maintain, and perhaps even extend its activity in recruiting new operatives, providing training and plotting attacks.

Terror Analysis: Fighting Terrorism in Pakistan - Risks and Opportunities

The ongoing operation of the Pakistani army in the Swat Valley against Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, and its possible expansion to Waziristan present a unique opportunity, as well as considerable risks.

Terror Analysis: Global Jihad Entities Cooperation - Where it all Began

In light of Hafez Saeed's arrest and the possibile cooperation between Al-Qaeda and Lashkar–E–Toyba (LET) in the Mumbai attacks, this special report will go back to the roots of global terrorism cooperations.

Terror Analysis: Salim Ahmad Hamdan's Role in Al-Qaeda

Different Q&As submitted by Salim Ahmad Hamdan’s attorneys to senior Al-Qaeda prisoners Khaled Sheikh Mohamed and Walid Bin Attash may reveal the true nature of his role in Al-Qaeda.

Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) - Maps and Charts

Click the following links to view Geographical distribution and infrastructure of the organization

Terror Analysis: Special Report - On the Way To Paint the World Green?

A CeifiT special report about the interim balance and current status of Al-Qaeda and the different Global Jihad elements and entities still operating, seven years after the September 11th attacks.

Terror Analysis: The Cooperation Between JI and Al-Qaeda

A CeifiT special report outlining the history of Jemaah Islamiyah's relations with Al-Qaeda and the history of the organization, following the latest arrests of two of its high level figures.

Terror Analysis: Al-Qaeda's Special Operations Unit

A CeifiT special report outlining the history of Al-Qaeda's special operations unit and its terror activity through the years, until the recent death of its head Abu Ubeida al-Masri in Pakistan.


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