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Advanced Article Archive: Counter Terrorism Events - Europe
Terror Analysis: Somalia's New Role in Light of Recent Arrests

Australian police arrested four men of Somali and Lebanese descent, linked to the Somali terror group “al Shabaab”, who were planning to carry out terror attacks against military facilities in the country.

Terror Analysis: Another Terror Suspect Released in the UK

British authorities confirmed the release of yet another terror suspect identified as "U", who is most likely the Algerian Amar Makhlulif AKA Abu Doha, who served more than seven years in jail.

Terror Analysis: Abu Hamza al-Masri Loses Court Appeal

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, who is serving a seven-year jail sentence in the UK, lost his appeal against extradition to the US, where he will be facing several terror-related charges.

Terror Analysis: Abu Qatada Released on Bail

Radical preacher Abu Qatada, who has long been linked to Al-Qaeda related terror activity in Britain and other European countries, was released on bail last night following a court decision.

Terror Analysis: Members of Recruiting Network Convicted in France

Seven men accused of being part of the "19th quarter network", a Paris-based group which funneled young fighters to Iraq through Syria, have been sentenced for up to seven years in prison.

Terror Analysis: Muslim Convert Arrested in UK - Part of a Phenomenon?

British authorities raided a house in Bristol Thursday night and arrested Andrew Ibrahim, a British Muslim convert, suspected of planning a terror attack. Is he part of a bigger global terror phenomenon?


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