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Advanced Article Archive: Counter Terrorism Events - Africa
Terror Analysis: Terror Network Uncovered In Morocco


Moroccan authorities arrested 11 alleged members of a terrorist network planning attacks in Morocco and Belgium. The network, comprising both Moroccan and Belgian citizens, is said to have been linked to cells recruiting fighters to Iraq, as well as training camps of "Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb" (AQIM, formerly known as the GSPC).

These arrests are part of a larger investigation into another Moroccan network allegedly headed by Ahmed Safri, a Moroccan with Swedish citizenship. Safri's network was also involved in sending recruits to Iraq, two of which became suicide bombers in a terror attack in Baqouba, Iraq, in October 2006.

AQIM operates in North Africa, and is known to have substantial links to senior Al-Qaeda figures. The alleged links between this Moroccan network and AQIM serve as another indication for the broadening agenda of the organization with the influence of Al-Qaeda. While it hasn't been able to execute a large-scale terror attack yet, these links to European citizens of North African descent could be used in the future for that purpose, not only against countries in North Africa, but against European countries as well. 


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