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Advanced Article Archive: Counter Terrorism Events - Africa
Terror Analysis: Somalia's New Role in Light of Recent Arrests

Australian police arrested four men of Somali and Lebanese descent, linked to the Somali terror group “al Shabaab”, who were planning to carry out terror attacks against military facilities in the country.

Terror Analysis: Terror Network Uncovered In Morocco

Moroccan authorities arrested 11 alleged members of a terrorist network, comprising both Moroccan and Belgian citizens, planning attacks in North Africa and Belgium.

Terror Analysis: Leader of Somali "Al-Shabab" Militia Killed

Aden Hashi Ayrow, the leader of the Somali "Al-Shabab" militia, was killed this morning by an American airstrike in Somalia. A number of other militants died in the strike, including another senior figure in the militia.

Terror Analysis: Mauritanian Police Arrests Terror Suspect

Mauritanian police arrested Marouf Ould Haiba, believed to have been involved in the killing of four French tourists last December. Fellow suspect escaped from police custody last week.

Terror Analysis: Casablanca Convicts Escape Prison

Nine radical Islamic convicts of the 2003 Casablanca attacks (45 people dead, over a 100 injured) escaped a Moroccan top security jail Monday morning, according to local authorities.

Terror Analysis: Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan Killed?

Different reports suggest that the target of the March 08' attack in Somalia was Al Qaeda senior operative Saleh Ali Saleh Nabahan, who was apparently killed during the attack.


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