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Terror Analysis: Advanced Article Archive

  NEW on!     All CeifiT articles available under structural sections

CeifiT Special Reports

Comprehensive analysis papers of CeifiT's analysts on various subjects involving the Global Jihad phenomena

Media Appearances and Statments

Analysis of video/audio tapes and interviews of Osama Bin-Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and other senior Al-Qaeda figures

Counter Terrorism Events

Terror arrests/eliminations, legal issues and dismantled terror plots

Africa        Asia         Europe        Middle-East        U.S/Other

Infrastrcture and Logistical Entities

Structure and logistical activity of terror groups and other entities

Africa        Asia         Europe        Middle-East        U.S/Other

Terror Attacks

Analysis of terror acts around the world

Africa        Asia         Europe        Middle-East        U.S/Other


Monthly Archive            Terror Analysis

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