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Terror Analysis - Article Archive (October 2008)
Terror Analysis: New Video by Al-Qaeda Member Adam Gadahn


In a new video tape released on Saturday, American Al-Qaeda member Adam Gadahn AKA “Azzam the American” addresses the Pakistani people and talks about the US economic meltdown and fighting in Kashmir.

In the tape, Gadahn asks the Pakistani people to unite and put aside their differences in order to establish an Islamic state in the country. Later on, he addresses the economic meltdown in the US, saying it is the result of the American crusades in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

Gadahn grew up in California and converted to Islam when he was 17. He’s been in Pakistan in the last few years, and appeared in several Al-Qaeda videos since 2004. He is considered to be part of Al-Qaeda’s media committee, which is in charge of all the propaganda activity of the organization throughout the world. The media committee is also responsible for releasing audio and video messages of the senior leaders of Al-Qaeda, using the organization’s production unit As Sahab.

While Gadahn’s official role remains unclear it seems he is in charge of Al-Qaeda’s propaganda in English, as he usually tends to speak in his birth language during his video appearances.

The video can be found at


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