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Law Enforcement Personnel Course

Global jihad - Identifying and confronting suspicious signs and early indicators

During the last decade “Global jihad” terrorism has become the biggest terrorist threat in the international arena. Different elements of the “Global Jihad” were responsible for many spectacular terrorist attacks among them the Madrid, London, Istanbul ,Bali, Mombassa and above all the 9/11 attacks in new York and Washington. One of the striking facts of the operational activity of “Global Jihad” in the west is the involvement of west-born members of the different Islamic communities within it. Muslim individuals who were born, raised and educated in the west and in most cases possess western passports were involved in these attacks as planners ,executers ,logistical supporters and even as suicide bombers.

Only a small percentage of the Muslim community members are involved in “Global Jihad” activity and the sole purpose of this course is to provide the relevant law enforcement personnel with the necessary tools to spot these individuals and to equip them with efficient methods to confront and handle their activity. Most of the course includes exercises, simulations and field assignments in order to improve the ability of its participants to deal with common daily situations and confront the Global Jihad threats more efficiently. 

Course Topics:

  • Characteristics of the Arabic /Muslim name - This lecture will focus on the most common characteristics of the Arabic and Islamic name in order to provide law enforcement personnel with the ability to identify Arabic names from documentation.
  • Identify suspicious signs in formal documentations+ exercise - the participants of the course will be introduced with a list of suspicious signs and will be taught to identify them through screening of formal documentation (passports, ID, driving license).
  • Identify suspicious signs in person's behavior, dress and appearance+ exercise - the participants of the course will be introduced with a list of suspicious signs regarding one's personal behavior, dress and appearance.
  • Principals of preliminary inquiry (questioning) + suspicious signs+ exercise - This lecture will introduced the participants of the course with the principles of preliminary inquiry (questioning) - to confront the suspicious signs and identify others surfacing through the questioning.
  • Radicalization process and early indicators - This lecture will introduce the participants with the whole process of radicalization among Muslim community members of western countries, on its different stages towards the final end of committing a "jihad". Mostly important -the lecture will introduce the participant with the necessary tools to identify early indicators of the radicalization process according with one's performance and behavior. 
  • Preparation of a regional field case – field survey of a specific area to cover all potential incubators in it.
  • 2 days of Comprehensive exercises and simulations - identification of suspicious sign + questioning.
  • Exercises through case study – The Richard Reid case

 Course Agenda:

Day 1

9:00-9:50 - Introduction with global jihad-part 1 – early days

9:50-10:00 - Coffee break

10:00-10:50 - Introduction with global jihad- part 2 – current status+modus operandi

10:50-11:00 - Coffee break

11:00-11:50 - Radicalization process – part 1

11:50-12:00 - Coffee break

12:00-12:50 - Radicalization process- part 2

12:50-14:00 - Lunch break

14:00-14:50 - Preparing regional field case and identifying incubators-lecture

14:50-15:00 - Coffee break

15:00-17:00 - Preparing regional field case-exercise

Day 2

09:00-09:50 - Characteristics of Arabic and Islamic names- lecture

09:50-10:00 - Coffee break

10:00-10:50 - Characteristics of Arabic and Islamic names- exercise

11:00-11:50 - Suspicious signs – documentation-lecture

12:00-12:50 - Suspicious signs – documentation-lecture

12:50-14:00 - Lunch break

14:00-14:50 - Suspicious signs – documentation-exercise

15:00-17:00 - Preparing regional field case-exercise

Day 3

09:00-09:50 - Suspicious signs- documentation-exercise

09:50-10:00 - Coffee break

10:00-10:50 - Suspicious signs- documentation-exercises

10:50-11:00 - Coffee break

11:00-11:50 - Suspicious signs- dress and appearance-lecture

11:50-12:00 - Coffee break

12:00-12:50 - Suspicious signs- dress and appearance-lecture

12:50-14:00 - Lunch break

14:00-14:50 - Suspicious signs- dress and appearance-exercise

15:00-17:00 - Preparing regional field case-exercise

Day 4

09:00-09:50 - Principles of preliminary questioning-lecture

09:50-10:00 - Coffee break

10:00-10:50 - Principles of preliminary questioning-exercise

10:50-11:00 - Coffee break

11:00-12:50 - Identifying suspicious signs+questioning-exercise

12:50-14:00 - Lunch break

14:00-17:00 - Regional field cases- presentations

Day 5

09:00-09:50 - Preparations for the final examination

09:00-09:50 - Coffee break

10:00-11:00 - Final theoretical examination

11:00-17:00 – Field trip- Friday prayers


Day 6

09:00-17:00 - Identifying suspicious signs+questionings - exercises

Day 7

09:00-17:00 - Identifying suspicious signs+questioning- exercises

Day 8

09:00-17:00 - Final exercise – Richard Reid case.

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