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Terror Groups - Fatah al-Islam


Fatah al-Islam emerged in November 2006 as a terror group that draws its inspiration from Al-Qaeda. The group set up its headquarters in the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared in northern Lebanon, seizing three compounds in the camp that belonged to the secular Palestinian militant group "Fatah al-Intifada". Fatah al-Islam aims to institute Islamic law in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and confront Israel.

In May and June 2007 the group was engaged in combat against the Lebanese Army in the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp. What began in a bank robbery linked to Fatah al-Islam quickly escalated into the most severe internal fighting since the early days of Lebanon's last civil war. More than 400 people, including civilians, died in clashes between the two sides before the Lebanese army took control of the camp on September.

Current Status:

While the number of Fatah al-Islam fighters who survived the combat at Nahr al-Bared remains unclear, the group and some of its core members are still operating in Lebanon. Moreover, the group is believed to have links with Al-Qaeda figures, which might be used for future operational activities, either in Lebanon or against Israel.

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