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Terror Groups - Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)


The LIFG was founded in Afghanistan during the early 1990s by a group of mujahideen who had fought against the Soviet occupation. Once they returned to Libya, their main goal became overthrowing the Qadhafi regime in order to establish an Islamic state. Their continuous armed struggle against the Libyan regime throughout the years included several failed attempts on Qadhafi's life and a long list of terror acts against Libyan targets.

Current Status:

In the last few years, there have been several indications of the growing connections between the LIFG and Al-Qaeda, suggesting the group may be ready to broaden its local agenda and become part of the global terror arena. Al-Qaeda leaders released (November 2007) an audio recording officially declaring LIFG as a part of the organization, a declaration that also verifies earlier reports of LIFG figures maintaining positions in Al-Qaeda's senior command structure. 

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