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Terror Analysis: Articles, Summaries, Maps and Charts
AAA monthly archive terror groups maps and charts


Terror Analysis: Who is Behind the Flight 253 Plot?

It is still too early to determine who was behind the attempt to detonate an explosive device on flight 253 to Detroit, but early indications suggest the bomber was not acting alone nor on his own initiative.

Terror Analysis: Senior Al-Qaeda figure Saleh al-Somali Killed in Pakistan

Strong indications suggest that Saleh al-Somali, a senior Al-Qaeda operations planner responsible for plotting attack in the global arena, was killed in a U.S. drone strike in northwest Pakistan earlier this week.

Terror Analysis: Assesing Al-Shabaab's Latest Threat towards Israel

The recent threat to attack Israel by the Al-Qaeda linked “Al Shabaab al-Mujahidin” is yet another indicator of the increasing global agenda of the Somali based oraganization.

Special Report: Al-Qaeda - On the Brink of a New Wave of Attacks?

Recent reports suggest Al-Qaeda's Special Operations unit has been able to maintain, and perhaps even extend its activity in recruiting new operatives, providing training and plotting attacks.


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