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One of the most fascinating phenomena of the beginning of the 21st century is the use of terrorism as a way to manage international crises and to promote political interests. In the last few decades, the world has become a global village in which the activities in one region inevitably influence other regions.

Since the beginning of this century, terrorism, based on fundamental Islamic principles, has become a serious international threat. This terrorism uses the progress in modern world technology (i.e. the internet, the media, international air travel and international commerce) to further its goals.

International terrorism, specifically fundamental Islamic terrorism, uses a widespread logistic networks  to support its operational activities and its infrastructure. Similarly, terrorism also uses the international banking system which enables it to transfer funds from one country to another, dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Intelligence and military services in the Western world invest a great deal of effort in order to prevent the transfer of funds to terrorist organizations. Nevertheless, these attempts are usually based on intelligence which is rarely available, and therefore, even when there are successes they are few and far between and do not make enough of a difference.

Taking all of these in mind CeifiT has been able to develop a uniqe and special regulations  to be implement in commercial banks.  The goal of the enclosed regulation, which is based on knowledge and experience accumulated throughout decades of dealing with the different aspects of international terrorism  methods of fund transfer, is to create a mechanism which will make the banking system immune to being taken advantage of  becoming an instrument for terrorist money transfer. The idea is that the bankers themselves will become a first barrier, preventing the transfer of funds to terrorist organizations and allowing them to be the first ones to raise a red flag and notify the various services of the need to open confidential investigations when indicated.

Our proposition consists of two parts: 

1. A unique and professional set of regulations that becomes the property of the bank

  • The regulations will be updated and maintained on a regular basis according to an ongoing thorough study of the latest research and professional developments, provided by CeifiT analytical team .
  • Regular refreshment seminars for the bankers, informing them of the latest developments will be provided.
  • The bankers will be trained with simulations and exercises in order to improve their skills. 

2. A Basic 5-days Training Course for all relevant bank personnel, introducing them to the regulations and teaching them how to incorporate them in their work.


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