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Counter Terrorism Courses & Lectures

The global jihad terrorism phenomenon differs from any other terrorist related activity of other radical groups and entities. One of its most prominent features is a cross-border activity of multi-nationalities activists. One can not limit global jihad activists or activity (operational as well as logistical) to a certain nationality, origin, or to a specific geographic area.

Furthermore, under the title of global jihad one will find a lot of different elements who share the same ideology, or certain aspects of the same ideology, but work separately under numerous names and entities.How can one determine the volume of legitimacy of the different entities activity if they all share the vast majority of the same radical ideology? How can one translate those differences into specific countermeasures? And as a consequence, what are the legal foundations for taking those countermeasures?

Above all that lays the fact that global jihad uses global civil infrastructure (banking system ,international commerce ,aviation industry etc) as well as  innocent Islamic communities, infrastructures and institutions in order to conduct and promote its activity. With this regard, it seems that separating the innocent Islamic religion practice and socio communal activity from the global jihad activity is the hardest challenge western security forces, police, intelligence agencies and even civil institutions have to face.

Taking these obstacles in mind, CeifiT has developed special training courses dealing with the different aspects of global jihad activity. The sole purpose of these courses is to equip the relevant personnel with the necessary tools to spot and identify, within their field of responsibility, traces and indicators of global jihad activity.

The relevant courses provided by CeifiT are:

  • A One-day Presentation or an 8-days Course designed to equip law enforecement personnel with the necessary tools to spot, follow and deal with "global jihad" terrorists, and indentify early indicators of radical Islamic activity. 
  • Banking Project - providing banks and clerks with efficient tools to track suspicious money transfers and accounts with possible terror links.

CeifiT also provides a large variety of lectures and presentations for both professional and enrichment purposes for different entities all over the globe. For a detalied list of lectures currently offered by CeifiT click here.


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