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Counselling Services

CeifiT is offering counselling services providing comprehensive analysis of global terrorism activity and the level of threat in each country or region of the world. These services are designed to help firms or individuals, who either have certain interests in a country/region or consider having them, factor in the terror threat as a part of their decision process.

CeifiT is currently offering two established counseling services:

1. Annual Global Threat per State list

CeifiT developed a unique model to measure the level of threat for terrorist activity in each country. This statistical model is based on close to 40 different variables, factoring a list of indicators for terrorist activity, while each of them receives a different portion according to its significance. Combining the different variables results in a figure (from 1 to 10) determining the level of threat for terrorist activity in that country. All countries are ranked according to those figures, creating one comprehensive global list of countries that is being updated annually or per request by  CeifiT analysts.

2. Counselling per Region upon request

CeifiT is able to produce, upon specific requests, a detailed analysis paper regarding the level of terrorist threat in each country and/or region around the world. The analysis is based on the daily research and follow up conducted by  CeifiT analysts.



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