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The following are some of the lectures currently offered by CeifiT. All lectures  are presented by Major (res.) Aviv A. Oreg, the founder and general Manager of CeifiT.

  • “Global Jihad - From Day One To Current Status"

A two-hour lecture establishing a timeline and presenting a clear view of the framework of the “Global Jihad” activity and its most dominant factor - the “Al Qaeda” organization.

The lecture presents the roots of the “Global Jihad” phenomena and the different entities involved, while clarifying the ongoing processes and developments that led it to its current status as the most vigorous terrorist threat in the international arena.

Alongside the historical developments, the lecture refers to the current status of “Global Jihad” in light of the latest trends and developments. All of which is based on concrete knowledge accumulated through investigations of the most significant international terror attacks conducted by “Global Jihad“ elements, including the attacks of 9/11, London's transportation system, Madrid's train system, Bali's night club districts and Others.

  • "Islamic Radicalization in the West - Characteristics, Trends and Developments"

A one-hour and a half lecture offering complete coverage of the radicalization process in the West, and specifically in Western Europe. The lecture focuses on understanding the process while specifying the different characteristics of each stage, and pointing out the relevant influential factors as well. furthermore , the lecture composes of numerous early indicators of global jihad activity for the use of law enforcement elemants .

All of these are delivered through personal life stories of Global Jihad activists, graduates of the Western education system, that eventually found themselves conducting terror activity in the name of "Global Jihad" in different parts of the international arena.

  • Al-Qaeda Infrastructure and Echelon

A one-hour presentation portraying the inner structure and echelon of Al-Qaeda since its establishment and crystallization until recent times, which also draws the necessary conclusions regarding its future activity.

In recent years there has been a growing tendency by academic scholars and other professional elements covering Global Jihad to portray the organization as some kind of an umbrella organization with loose inner links between its internal branches, but mostly as an inspiring body for operational activity by loose Islamic entities around the globe.

Nevertheless , It seems that in contradiction with the above mentioned academic tendency, Al-Qaeda has a strict, clear cut hierarchy and echelon, which basically survived the stormy years that followed the September 11th attack and the American led coalition offensive in Afghanistan. Furthermore, according to our assessment, this system provides the organization with the ability to overcome the setbacks it suffered, and continue its activity, operational and logistical, around the globe.

The lecture present this infrastructure and echelon as well as the personal positioning of  the senior activists of the organization throghout it's existance.

  • Global Jihad Operational Activity- Characteristics and Modus Operandi

Since the adoption of terrorism as a tool to promote political interests in the international arena, terrorist organizations used different modus operandies in order to promote their political goals. For example, when Palestinians leading organization (Fatah of the P.L.O) wanted to put the Palestinian problems on the world agenda it adopted an operational modus operandi of barricading with hostages in order to draw the attention needed for its cause.

Global jihad, and first and foremost the Al-Qaeda organization, has also adopted a modus operandi that suits its political goals. In this case, a great significance is given to target selections, arenas of operations and activists involved.

This lecture presents the Al-Qaeda modus operandi through its operational functions, and is designed for law enforcement directorate levels.

  • Palestinian Terrorism - Organizations, Modus Operandi and Political Goals (1968-1984)

This enrichment lecture covers the early years of the Palestinian struggle through terrorist activity. It portraits the different organizations involved, the inner splits and the modus operandi used to promote the changing political interests.



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