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CeifiT is a recently established company, offering comprehensive research and analysis, counseling services and professional training courses regarding various global terrorism issues. The company follows up on the latest trends and developments in the global arena, focusing on the activity of Islamic fundamentalist groups and terror organizations.



The CeifiT staff includes analysts, researchers, information collectors and translators, veterans of the Israeli intelligence Community, with years of experience studying global terrorism for all its different aspects. A collection and translation team is constantly gathering radical Islamic materials for study purposes, while CeifiT analysts follow up on terror activity around the globe, producing professional research papers, laying the groundwork for the company's counseling services and updating CeifiT's countermeasure products (courses and trainings) accordingly.

CeifiT is also offering special training courses regarding the current state of global terrorism, as well as various counter measurement tools. One training course is designed to equip law enforcement personnel with the necessary tools to spot, follow and deal with "global jihad" terrorists, as well as early indicators of radical Islamic activity. Another course is directed at the western banking system, providing banks and clerks with efficient tools to track suspicious money transfers and accounts with possible terror links.

As a part of CeifiT's counseling services, the company developed a unique model to measure the level of threat for terrorist activity in each country, which will be published annually. CeifiT is also producing, upon specific requests, detailed analysis papers regarding the level of terrorist threat for each country and/or region of the world.

Moreover, CeifiT provides a large variety of lectures and presentations for both professional and enrichment purposes for different entities all over the globe.

The founder and general Manager of CeifiT is Major (res.) Aviv A. Oreg. Mr. Oreg owns a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern studies from Tel Aviv University and a Master’s degree in international affairs (thesis paper about the use of international terrorism as part of  international politics )from Queens College New York. In the last two decades major Oreg was fully occupied with covering international terrorism issues for different Israeli formal establishments and has specialized in different aspects of "Global Jihad" issues and its most dominant factor - the "Al Qaeda" organization. Nowadays, Mr. Oreg is occupied with the completion of a book about the “Al Qaeda” organization which will be published next year in the United States. 


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