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Increase of Jihadi resources in English


On January 7 2011 a new Jihadi forum called  Al Mojahden English Network was opened. The opening message of the site makes its intentions clear stating that: “All posts in this Jihadi Forum must be in English, so the message of the Mojahden will reach all Muslims”. This is an example of the expanding trend of more and more Jihadi resources and forums in the English language. The fact that these sources are in English serves a very specific purpose for the advocates of the Global Jihad. The English sources allow Jihad material to reach an audience residing in the West, an audience who does not speak Arabic and would otherwise not have access to such material. These forums provide all types of information. For example, on the Al Mojahden forum members can read practical information, news and most importantly acquire inspiration and support from other members who have the same beliefs. Practical information includes among other things computer security and security in general with a post titled how to “spot a spy”. In addition there is a section called “eye on the enemy” where news sources in Hebrew are provided as well as a breakdown of the Hebrew alphabet. The forum also posts inspirational material including speeches and articles from different leaders translated into English. The site has grown, for example by Jan.19 after only being open for a few weeks the AL Mojahden English Network forum had 192 active members.

Besides forums in English, there has been an increase of  jihad resources translated into English. One relevant resource is the magazine “Inspire”, produced by Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula. Like the Jihad forums, it is apparent that the magazine is written for Muslims living in Western English speaking countries. This indicates an “exportation” of jihad making it accessible to all Muslims no matter where they live. The magazine provides not only inspirational material but practical information as well, such as how to carry out jihad from your home country. For example, in the summer edition in 2010 the magazine provided a section on how to make an explosive device at home. This information is under a section of the magazine called “open source jihad”. The magazine states the information in “open source jihad” allows Muslims to train at home instead of risking dangerous travel abroad. In the same edition there was an interview with Nasir Al Wahaishi a.k.a. Sheik Abu Bassir Al Yamani who is the current leader of AQAP and formerly Bin Laden’s personal secretary. In his article he advices Muslims in the west to “acquire weapons and learn methods of war”. In the same interview Sheik Abu Bassir Al Yamani also stated that the attack by Faruk Abdul Mutallab on Northwest Airline flightopened the door for many Muslim youth in the west who want to seek revenge from crusader states fighting Islam”. These types of comments make it obvious that the magazine has the intention and potential to inspire and reach the lone mujahidin all over the world. Due to these online resources in English, Muslims who do not speak Arabic can learn how to carry out an attack without having to leave his country for formal training. These on line resources make it too easy to access information and take practical steps for jihad no matter where the reader lives. This new trend targeting the Western English speaking audience has the potential to greatly enhance the threat of homegrown terrorism as well as the local initiative of local cells in constructing terrorism operations.


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