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Abdullah Azam Brigades


Abdullah Azam Brigades
On July 28th a Japanese oil tanker M Star was attacked in the Strait of Hormuz between the United Arab Emirate and Oman. In the days that followed, the nature of this event was not fully understood and was considered as some mechanical malfunction or even an earthquake. But during the first week of August the mystery was solved and realized that the event on board the tanker was actually a terrorist operation involving a suicide bomber. A communiqué issued on jihadist forums on August 3, 2010, claimed responsibility for this attack on behalf of an Islamist terrorist group "Abdullah Azam Brigade". The communiqué said that the bombing was carried out by a suicide bomber, Ayyub al-Taishan, who is pictured in an image attached to the communiqué, pointing to a laptop showing the tanker. 
The Abdullah Azam Brigade is a famous name among Jihadi military elements and is well known among Counter terrorist agencies and Global Jihad analysts. Abdullah Azam A Palestinian born Islamic cleric is consider to be the spiritual mentor of Islamic radicalism and the current global Jihad activity. He was the first to introduce the world with the military implementation of the extreme "salafiyah-Jihadiyah" ideology in Afghanistan. Azam is consider to be the founding father of Islamic radicals military activity in Afghanistan that has paved the way for the creation of numerous Islamic terrorist groups operating throughout the globe first and foremost the Al Qaeda organizations. (For more detail regarding Azam see our painting the world in green).
During the first half of the 2000's a group calling itself by that name use to issue  numerous false claims of responsibility for different events (Including events that turn to be of criminal or mechanical malfunctions nature) around the Middle East and hence considered by all agencies and analylysts as un creditable.
But, during the second half of the 2000's a new group began using this name and conduct terrorist activity throughout the Middle East. The origin of the new group is in Saudi Arabia, and is based on several Al Qaeda and Islamic activists that were able to leave the kingdom (some of them after escaping Saudi prisons) and established an external military arm named "The Abdullah Azam Brigades" . All the Saudi leaders of "Abdullah Azam Brigades" are included in the 85 most wanted list of Saudi Arabia. Those Saudis have been settled in different locations across the Middle East, Recruited local elements and began to take necessary preparations for operational activities hence establishing local operational cells. The "Abdullah Azam Brigades" have close ties with Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) And Al Qaeda In the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and is mostly inspired by Al Qaeda central leadership in Waziristan. The different cells across the Middle East were seems to be named after a local Jihadist hero and soon began to conduct terrorist activities. The first branch of the group that became operational was the Lebanese one. Named after The Lebanese 9/11 pilot Ziad Jarah and led by the Saudy Saleh bin Abdullah bin Saleh alQaraw the Lebanese cell , which is probably based on local Lebanese of Palestinian origins leaving in different Palestinian refugee camps in the country has carried out several rocket attacks and plots along the Israeli – Lebanese border. The more famous attack was carried out on September 13 2009 against the Israeli town of Nahariya (the "creative" claim of responsibility can be seen here).
We believe that the recent suicide attack against the Japanese tanker is the first operation of the Saudi cell of the group. Named after the Saudi Yusuf al-‘Ayiri,
  the late Al Qaeda leader in Saudi Arabia, the cell seems to have come to operational maturity. The target selection of the tanker was conducted in accordance with Osama Bin Laden old call to attack oil facilities in order to undermine economical and infrastructural Western activity in the region.
We believe that the tanker attack is just a prelude for series of attacks in the region conducted by this group that will probably be aimed at naval oil routs in the gulf as well as oil facilities and fields in land along the Gulf States, Saudi shores and maybe even in South Iraq.

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