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CeifiT is offering various services as a part of the ongoing fight against global terroism: comprehensive terror analysis, professional counselling, CT courses and lectures.

A Look Into the Radicalization Process in U.S Prisons
Abdullah Azam Brigades

Abdullah Azam brigades- a multinational Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist group operating in the Middle East region- Has launched its first terrorist operation in the Gulf region,probably using its Saudi branch, and conducted a suicide mission targeting a Japanease oil tanker along the straits of Hormooz

AQ military committee deep into 2010


Recent elimination of prominent figures of the military committee of Al Qaeda forced the organization to take significant steps in order to over come these setbacks  and rehabilitate its chain of command. It seems that the most dominant development with this regard is the release of Saif Al Adil from custody in Iran and his return to the Afghanistan/Pakistan border zone.

Canadian converts are getting trained in Al Qaeda camps in Waziristan in order to execute attacks in Canadian cities
Increase of Jihadi resources in English
severe blow to Al Qaeda military chain of command


In claiming responsibility for the December 30th suicide bombing attack by Jordanian physician Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi that killed seven CIA employees and a Jordanian intelligence officer, Mustafa al-Yazid aka Sheikh Sai’d the overall commander of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, reveals that Al Qaeda has been hit severely, within the recent weeks losing two of its most senior military activists, Abu Saleh al-Somali, and Abdullah Sai’d al-Liby.
Terror Analysis: Who is Behind the Flight 253 Plot?

It is still too early to determine who was behind the attempt to detonate an explosive device on flight 253 to Detroit, but early indications suggest the bomber was not acting alone nor on his own initiative.

Terror Analysis: Senior Al-Qaeda figure Saleh al-Somali Killed in Pakistan

Strong indications suggest that Saleh al-Somali, a senior Al-Qaeda operations planner responsible for plotting attack in the global arena, was killed in a U.S. drone strike in northwest Pakistan earlier this week.

Terror Analysis: Is Terror Returning to America?

Domestic threat level rising in the US, but so are counter-terror capabilities; Read CeifiT's OP-ED published at

Terror Analysis: Special Report - On the Way To Paint the World Green?

A CeifiT special report about the interim balance and current status of Al-Qaeda and the different Global Jihad elements and entities still operating, seven years after the September 11th attacks.


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